Saturday, July 23, 2005

Progress BUT....

Been working my way through my writer's block. I think I've got the upper hand on the thing now (my case was one of having the ideas, but not a very good plan for carrying them out).

I'm probably about two or three scenes away (maybe four) from being able to post it (Am through scene five now). Hope to post it over the weekend. Either that or I'll hold off until August as then this way, Episode 16 will kick off a new month. :)

I'd have posted it this week (and I still might if I can get through it today) as per my blog entry on ATS Central, but some RL events got in the way. I'm still in the midst of that, however I'm hopeful I can slip this episode in before the next round. :)

Keep an eye on the main page for the posting of Episode 16.

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