Thursday, July 14, 2005

Episode 16 Progress....

At last there's some progress. :) :) :)

Thanks to Hurricane Dennis, I have a WONDERFULLY WICKED idea to add some spice to some of the storylines.

How does a hurricane hitting Cedarville sound to you?

I've also thought of a terrorist attack, but that wouldn't look so well without a storyline to back it up (afterall isn't that what TV show 24 does?). I'm thinking this will be something long term.

I've also thought of the ol' disgruntled employee going on a shooting rampage (The FonDuLac Hotel would be prime for something like this). But in order to pull it off right, there needs to be a scene to set the stage. While this could easily be done, I thought it was just too "old skool" to write. It's been done online and on TV how many hundreds of times now? Far too many for me to keep count.

Plus, the nice thing about Cedarville being hit by a hurricane is not everyone is not everyone has to die. Though it will make for some very interesting scenes (mostly good) indeed.

Besides, I can't recall the last time a town in soap opera land was hit by a hurricane. Floods yeah. Tornadoes maybe. But a hurricane? Almost never. Can you?

The show should be up by this weekend or the start of next week.

So Cedarville will be hit by a hurricane. Just when, I don't know exactly. But it will be soon

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