Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Story Of Natalie Jenkins

Natalie Jenkins is a character who, when conceived by her parents John Brynkowsky & Erica Stevens (Erica is the older sister of Debbie Stevens), was "donated" to modern science back in the 1980s for maturation & development via the test-tube process.

Upon official declaration of birth, Natalie was placed under the temporary custody of Social Services after an extensive search by scientists to find & locate John & Erica (It was later found that they were incarcerated in the Cedarville Correctional Facility, where they've been in & out of since they were juveniles).

Social Services placed Natalie into the care of Steve & Marianne Jenkins who, at the time, was a couple just starting out. Marianne can't have children of her own due to a bad miscarriage when she was younger that permanently damaged her womb beyond repair & left her battling a case of cervical cancer & a vaginal yeast infection at the tender age of 22.

Marianne's miscarriage was as a result of a car accident in which she was the victim as someone who was being pursued by the Cedarville Police Department slammed into her car as she & some friends were returning to their campus residence after a night on the town. What's worse, Marianne's friends were drunk at the time & she was elected by the group to be the designated driver before they started out. This way, they would all make it home safely (or so they thought)

It was quickly determined that Marianne herself was not only not legally intoxicated, but her system was alcohol-free. As for Marianne's friends, they all died on the scene. The man, who was running from the police because he had a busted tailight & no driver's license in his possession (It was in his wallet at home) is serving a life sentence after being convicted of four counts vehicular homicide (Marianne's friends) & one count of attempted vehicular homicide (Marianne herself).

Ever since then, Marianne has felt as though she was given a second chance at life. As such, she's become a very religious person. She does many religious-oriented activities. Among them is being office manager for the church she attends.

But more on Marianne later. A background on Steve is to be expected in another next post in this same thread.

Fast forward about 3 years. Steve & Marianne are now married & are contemplating adoption. They've done everything from posting ads on the Internet to working with adoption agencies in the private sector (Many of whom being some of Marianne's contacts at the church) as well as Social Services.

They were just about to give up after a long & extensive search when they suddenly get a phone call from the Social Worker from Social Services whom they've been working very closely with who told them about (And later introduced them to) a baby whom the scientists named "Baby Natalie". When Steve & Marianne curiously asked the Social worker why the name of Natalie was chosen, all the worker could tell them is what the scientists told them

It was just a name they came up with out of the blue, the worker said to Steve & Marianne.

Natalie's new adoptive parents just shrug it off & after the signing of legal papers & the finalization of the adoption, "Baby Natalie" officially & legally had a last name - Jenkins.

All throughout Natalie's childhood, she was always led to believe that Steve & Marianne were her parents & that she wasn't adopted. That's because Steve & Marianne wanted to wait until she was at least 18 years of age to tell her otherwise. But suffice to say, her 18th birthday came & went as did her 19th, 20th & 21st. All without Natalie ever knowing she was adopted.

That was when she ran across some old legal files which had her name on them as she was looking for other papers in the family desk for Steve's workman's comp case (He was injured while on the job & was seeking legal action). They were adoption papers. Marianne was at the doorway as Natalie read them with a look of shock & surprise on her face.

Marianne tried to comfort her as she confessed to Natalie that she was adopted, but it did little good. For months, Natalie wouldn't even speak to Marianne. She didn't add to Steve's plate of woes at first, but when the workman's comp case was over & he was back on the job again, she didn't speak with Steve either for a long time. When Natalie was a little girl, the three did everything together. Now, Steve & Marianne were fearful that Natalie would turn out to be like her biological mother after living a world which (According to Natalie at the time) was a total lie for over twenty years.

Natalie eventually patched things up with Steve & Marianne, but she did tell them that she was going to find out who her biological parents were & where they were at. Naturally both Steve & Marianne tried to talk her out of it, but Natalie told her mind was made up & nothing they said or did was going to change it. Steve & Marianne eventually came to the realization that....

A) Natalie has grown up & is now her own woman AND

[b]B) This was something that can only be solved by her meeting them wherever they were.

Not long after Natalie started attending Cedarville University, Natalie met two people who would ultimately be the one who would lead her on her journey to finding out who her parents were & where they were at. The first person being none other than Adam Sanchez. Adam was a student majoring in criminal justice who would eventually graduate & become a CSI for the Cedarville Police Department. Adam is also Natalie's boyfriend.

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