Saturday, October 15, 2005

Episode 18 Epilogue COMING SOON

As you can well imagine that with all the adjustments I'm hacving to make (both physically and otherwise) as a result of my recent hospital stay, the writing of ATS has really gone down in the number of episodes.

This of course was also due in part to the ideas I had going into Episode 18 being flushed down the toilet when the night I went into the hospital some two months ago.

Well, as luck would have it, time has proven to be a healer of the wound of forgotten ideas as it has given me some NEW ideas now that time in Cedarville has moved on.

Unfortunately though, in order to get everybody caught up and to avoid the problem with the holidays that I had last year, I will post an epilogue of everything that's happened the last couple of months. Much of this will be posted in the Series Recaps section (I *can* do that, can I Kira? :D *crossing fingers*)(Refering to Kira from The EpiGuide ). I may also have an email or letter for Aunt Eppy, also from The EpiGuide (whichever she prefers) by one of the male characters as well (Heads up Eppy! :D).

Anyhow....That's the latest scoop from ATS Central. For all the latest stuff, log onto the ATS Central blog page @

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